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              Congratulations Steve! 

Five Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty Five Miles !!!!

From everyone at the support network and all who have followed your journey, thank you for  shooting all  the captivating  photos.  Thank you for taking the time  at the end of exhausting days to chronicle your experiences.  For those of us who will never bike across the street, it has been a joy to see this beautiful country of ours.  Thank you for sharing this Unforgettable Ride with us.

            August 9:  Lake Louise to Banff, A.B.
                    Thursday August 9:   45 miles   Total: 5,845
        August 8:  Rampart Creek to Lake Louise, A.B.
                       Wednesday August 8:   67 miles Total: 5,7769
       August 7:  Beauty Creek to Rampart Creek, A.B.
Tuesday  August 7:   37 miles   Total:  5,709

                   August 6:  Jasper to Back to Beauty Creek , A.B.
Monday  August 6:  57 miles  Total:  5,672

                    August 5:  Beauty Creek to Jasper, A.B.
Sunday August 5:  12 miles  Total:  5,615


          August 4:  Beauty Creek to Jasper, A.B.
                                Saturday August 4:  56 miles  Total:  5,603

                    August 3:  Rampart Creek Hostel to Beauty Creek Hostel
                                 Friday  August 3:  40 miles   Total: 5,547

           August 3: The unforgettable ride Article published in Collier Citizen  

      August 2:  Lake Louise to Rampart Creek, A.B.
                                                                 Thursday August 2:  55 miles  Total:  5,507

                    August 1:  Banff to Lake Louise, A.B.
                                                                 Wednesday August 1:  41 miles  Total:  5,452

                     August 1:  Article by Jay Schlichter published in 
                                       THE BANNER   An Incredible Journey


Hi, I am Steve Edmonston and you have reached the official website for The Unforgettable Ride. The chronicle of a cross-country bicycle tour from the sunny beaches of Southwest Florida to the majestic mountains of Alberta, Canada.

I am undertaking this tour to honor the families and staff of the Alzheimer's Support Network in Naples, Florida. Alzheimer's is a progressive neurological disease that robs it's victims of their memories, their sense of self and eventually their lives.

The good folks at the non-profit Alzheimer's Support Network do everything they can to support those forced to deal with this terrible disease. As I share my journey with regular postings of pictures and videos please support the Alzheimer's Support Network as they share the journey of memory loss with their families. Thank You.

For more information on the Alzheimer's Support Network please go to: 


                For Steve's Journal at Crazy Guy on A Bike go to: 


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